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Patrick Brown's MOLLIE Rap

Posted: 04/17/2007

Patrick Brown's MOLLIE Rap

Patrick Brown, 14 years old, has been dropping into the MOLLIE office in the CMC Wealthy almost since we moved into place.  He's used the Hot Studio to produce a Video Review show, composed music using SoundTrak and now he's written a Rap Poem about what it's like coming to the CMC Wealthy.


Comin' to this place it can make you real proud. 
Come into the Mollie you can see just how.

Look at Mr. Steve
I don't never see him sad.
He teaches me good stuff
and to leave out the past. 

Mrs. Gretchen over here lookin' real fine.
She keeps her head up
not gettin' caught behind.

Mr. Rich I like him
he's sometime cool  
when he starts talkin' 
about his old days in school 

Look at Ms. Jeanne 
she's the one who got me here. 
Now I'm not on the street 
havin' no fear 
She's been a lot of places 
that I don't even know. 
She's a real sweet woman
so come and get to know. 

This place is real cool
so believe me bro
I'm not playin' games 
like an Aprils fools joke 
Look at me I'm doin' really good 
I'm learning new stuff 
even when I'm not at school. 
I'm doin' this 'cause I really need to 
So thank you for listening 
and I hope you come through... 

                    by Patrick Brown

Thanks Patrick we love seeing you here too!


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