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For the safety of all staff and members, GRTV has instituted a new studio lighting policy.  Any and all lighting changes must be directly supervised by staff to ensure proper safety procedures are followed.
To help you out, here are some good lighting safety tips:

#1 Keep Your Gloves On

Lighting instruments get very hot very fast.  The best policy is to always wear safety gloves while touching any part of the fixture.  If you don’t have any, a pair of thick garden gloves can help.

#2 Safety Chains

All parts of the light should have a safety chain attaching it to the lighting grid.  No matter how tightly you secured that light or how certain you are that it isn’t going to fall, it only takes one bump from a ladder or stage prop to injure someone.  It turns out your mom was right all along, it truly is “better to be safe than sorry.”

#3 Ladder Placement

Always place your ladder behind the light and facing away from your talent so you can properly focus the light without reaching around the fixture.

#4 Think Safety

Safety should always be on your mind when it comes to lighting.  While working on a studio shoot, nothing is more dangerous than working with lights.  Treat them with respect and care.


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