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Welcome to the CMC

For over 25 years the Community Media Center has acquired and maintained technology tools, media services and community venues to benefit the Grand Rapids community. Explore this site to discover how CMC's television, radio, IT, education and live theatre resources are here to help you.

In Case You Missed It: Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys

Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys join LaRae for a chat and live in-studio performance on September, 21, 2010.

Boys & Girls Club of Grand Rapids Youth Commonwealth New Website The CMC IT team is proud to announce the launch of the new online presence for the Boys & Girls Club of Grand Rapids Youth Commonwealth, Their previous site had become old and hard to manage, and didn't give the right message about the group. When they came to the CMC they said they needed something that would appeal to kids, but still looked professional for their parents. They reported that the whole site exceeded their expectations.
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Indian Trails Camp New Website

Posted: 08/05/2010

Indian Trails Camp New Website

The CMC IT team is proud to announce the launch of the new, the online presence for Indian Trails Camp, a camp providing an enriching life experience for individuals with disabilities.

The new site features a new design, a full news and camping blog system, and a categorized event system. The staff at Indain Trails Camp are able to easily update all web content including adding new menu items and pages through dbEditor which is the CMC's custom content management system.

The staff at Indian Trails Camp have...

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GRTV staff member Chad Becker attended a press conference on Tuesday, Aug. 3rd to capture the launch of a new high-speed broadband service in GR. The 4g home, business and mobile service is being launched by Clearwire.

Clearwire has agreed to offer $9.95 per month access for up to 5% of Grand Rapids residents (based on low-income qualiifications). CMC has been designated as the local organization that will process applications. As part of this service, CMC will also hold monthly Internet literacy and information sessions out in the...

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Dawes -

California band Dawes performs an acoustic version of their single live in the WYCE studio.