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Welcome to the CMC

For over 25 years the Community Media Center has acquired and maintained technology tools, media services and community venues to benefit the Grand Rapids community. Explore this site to discover how CMC's television, radio, IT, education and live theatre resources are here to help you.

In Case You Missed It...Round Mountain on WYCE

Eclectic brotherly act Round Mountain stopped by WYCE to chat with Lee about their new album and their Hat Trick Concert Series performance.

Click the player below to hear it!

Be a Citizen Reporter!

Posted: 08/24/2009

Be a Citizen Reporter!

Over the past few months, local volunteers and CMC staff have been working on the new Grand Rapids citizen journalism project The Rapidian. Set to go liveĀ on September 15th, The Rapidian will be a new local news and information source powered by you. The intention is to empower local residents to not only consume news and information, but to be the reporters as well. CMC will help with training and support so you can use video, audio, photos and text to report of the issues and stories from your community.

Of course, in order to get...

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In Case You Missed It...Peter Mulvey on WYCE

Singer/songwriter Peter Mulvey and guest Brianna Lane visit 88.1 FM WYCE as they kick off the Long Haul Bike Tour of the eastern United States. 

Click the player below to hear live performances and the conversation about Peter's new album 'Letters from a Flying Machine'.

New Online Listening Option: iTunes

Hey online WYCE fans,

To make your web YCE experience the best it can be, we've made a couple of changes to our streaming set-up. You can still listen to our web stream in our built-in player at WYCE. But now, you can use other audio programs, or non-computer-based Internet radio listening devices.

To listen, follow these simple instructions:

  • Go to this URL.
  • When prompted, choose which audio player you'd like to use (WinAmp, iTunes, etc.)

Thanks for being part of WYCE, wherever and however you listen!

In Case You Missed It... The Ragbirds at WYCE

Michigan's eclectic globally-grooving band The Ragbirds stopped by the WYCE studio to chat with Nanette O'Connell in anticipation of the release of their new album Finally Almost Ready.  Click the player below to hear it!