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Welcome to the CMC

For over 25 years the Community Media Center has acquired and maintained technology tools, media services and community venues to benefit the Grand Rapids community. Explore this site to discover how CMC's television, radio, IT, education and live theatre resources are here to help you.

Top Ten Reasons Why It's Better Here

Last Van Andel Arena ticket I bought: a Tool concert, scheduled for September 11, 2001.  

Seven years later, I got tickets to another show at Van Andel Arena: Tom Petty, May 30.  

No evil-doers struck, no catastrophe occurred.  Well, I did bump into Corey Ruffinwhile walking to the show.

The Tom Petty concert was excellent, Iā€™m sure.  Couldnā€™t say from where I sat.  Seats weren't bad; it's just a lot of real estate.  Seemed like people up front were having fun.

All due respect to arenas, amphitheaters, coliseums, stadiums and other small...

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Effective April 21st 2008, the URL's for two of our client applications has changed. Clients using the CMC's dbEditor should now go to to login. The old URL will still work for CMC clients until Friday, April 25th. There is a link on that page directing individuals to the new URL.  

Also, for clients hosting their websites with the CMC, the URL for accessing website statistics has been changed. The new URL is Please change to...

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Grand Rapids Women's Chorus Website Launch

The CMC IT department is proud to announce the launch of the new website for the Grand Rapids Women's Chorus.

The new site includes features like online ticket sales, cd track listings with the ability to listen to excerpts from select tracks, a custom director's blog, as well as a members only section which includes a private calendar system, custom message boards, and more, all accomplished using the CMC's content management system.

Head over to the site today to learn of the awesome things the chorus is doing, and while you're there pick...

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The Richard and Helen DeVos Center for Arts and Worship Web Site is Launched

The IT Team is happy to announce the launch of The Richard and Helen DeVos Center for Arts and Worship (

The Richard and Helen DeVos Center for Arts and Worship wanted a web site that was easy to update for their many events. They also desired an quick way to enter ticket prices with various options for each event. This is achieved through CMC's content managment system.  

Explore the site and see if an upcoming event may interest you.

Over the past 6 months, we have seen a big increase in demand for our website development services.  This is of course good news and tells us we are providing a great service for our non-profit clients. To help accomodate those needs, we have increased our IT staff and brought on additional web developers.  In order for us to keep providing the same level of service we have for the past decade, we will be increasing the hourly rate for website development from $55/hour to $64/hour.

We are also lowering the cost of some of our hosting...

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