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Building community through media

Building community through media

Helping our community connect, learn, create, and share!
Thirty-plus years after humble beginnings as a public access TV station, The Community Media Center has grown to be a busy, multi-platform media and technology assistance organization. We provide and support a variety of community resources including WYCE-FM, Wealthy Theatre, The Rapidian, and GRTV, where it all began. We continually gather new tools and knowledge to teach, problem-solve, and serve the media and technology needs of residents, organizations, neighborhoods and local collaborations. By introducing audiences to new voices and ideas on stage, screen and over the air, we enhance community engagement and create connections.  By helping students create positive media messages and by increasing efficiency of social services delivery through the web, we empower and collaborate.

Browse this site to find information about education programs and services for non-profit organizations. Learn more about GRTV television and WYCE-FM radio. Find out what's happening at Wealthy Theatre. Connect with local nonprofits through websites created by CMC's IT department. Discover Media Literacy resources and tools that can empower us to be smarter and more conscious media consumers.

Every free democratic society depends on media, accessible to the community, uncensored by government. We invite you to join us in "Building community through media.”