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Joshua Davis CD Release Show

'A Miracle of Birds' Release at the beautiful Wealthy Theatre in Grand Rapids with a showing of 'The People and the Olive', the documentary based on the Run Across Palestine as well! Film starts at 7pm with the Joshua Davis Band playing afterward. Featuring Laura Bates, Jen Sygit, Mike Lynch, Geoff Lewis and Zak Bunce. 
 - A Miracle of Birds - 

In February of 2012, Joshua Davis joined the non-profit organization On the Ground for the Run Across Palestine and what was to be a truly life-changing journey. The focus of the 5 day, 129 mile ultra marathon was to raise funds and awareness in support of fair-trade olive farming communities in the Palestinian West Bank. Planting olive saplings and building friendships across a land that was at times barren and lush, chaotic and serene, idyllic and war-torn. He returned with more questions than answers, but the music that came after is straight from the heart. The stories and songs on 'A Miracle of Birds', released one year after the run, are honest expressions of his experiences in the West Bank, colored by his own unique history and upbringing. 

 - The People and the Olive - 

PATO is an inspiring documentary about the daily joys and struggles of Palestinian fair trade farmers and the American ultra-marathoners who ran across the West Bank planting olive trees and bridging cultures along the way. 

More info:

Peter Wege Auditorium
Starts 7:00pm
Doors at 6:00pm
Duration 3 hours

[no longer available]

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