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  • 6:30 AM

    God's Love Collaborative
  • 7:00 AM

    Its the Bible Trivia Show!
  • 7:30 AM

    Grace & Truth Ministries
  • grtv

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  • 6:00 AM

    Classic Arts Showcase
  • 7:00 AM

    Classic Arts Showcase
  • 8:00 AM

    Democacy Now!
  • Take a Class

    GRTV offers introductory certification courses as well as many advanced workshops in video production. Certification courses cover field production, studio production, and editing. Once certified, members can borrow GRTV equipment for their own videos

  • Borrow Equipment

    Members of the Community Media Center that have taken GRTV's certification courses can get access to our studio and editing facilities as well as our video production and portable editing kits

  • Get on TV

    GRTV provides a televised forum for legal, non-commercial speech; a place where you can express yourself creatively at little or no cost. We welcome participation by any individual, group or organization, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, age, citizenship status or economic standing

  • Get Help

    Our success is measured by how well others succeed. We respond to the needs of the community by crafting unique, low-cost solutions to their communication and programmatic challenges, using our expertise and multimedia tools. Whether you have a program in mind, but don't know where to start or you'd like to find out how to get involved with local productions, we can help