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For over 25 years the Community Media Center has acquired and maintained technology tools, media services and community venues to benefit the Grand Rapids community. Explore this site to discover how CMC's television, radio, IT, education and live theatre resources are here to help you.

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Public Reality Radio

Posted: 02/07/2012

Public Reality Radio

The CMC IT department is happy to announce the launch of the new Public Reality Radio website. WPRR came to the CMC with an aging site that was nearly impossible to update and wasn't very user friendly. In the end we created them an excellent site that they can easily update themselves and even made it so local producers can edit the information for their own show, saving their small staff more time. Some other highlights include:

  • A massive Programs menu to display all of their programs and categories, including the ability to search straight from the menu with instantantly updated results, and a menu that switches to logos when there's 8 or less programs being listed
  • A Programs System which creates web pages for each program aired on the station, including host bios, social media, podcasts, a blog with the ability to import outside feeds into the system automatically, along with the ability for show hosts and producers to edit their own shows
  • A schedule system that will show you exactly what's scheduled to show when, which shows are airing live and accepting calls, and what's coming up on the homepage and in the footer of every page
  • A live stream of the station, as well as a listing of past episodes for locally produced shows which are available for streaming or downloading as a podcast or individual episodes
  • and much more...

Stop by the site see if for yourself


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