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Information Technology

The Grand Rapids Community Media Center's Information Technology department provides IT solutions exclusively to non-profit organizations. Our services include cutting-edge website design and hosting, database development, email and mailing lists, on-site computer consulting, installation and support along with personalized training. As a non-profit ourself, we are uniquely suited to offer personal and reliable IT solutions that are tailored to your non-profit's needs.

News from: Information Technology

Challenge Scholar's Website

Posted: 06/11/2014

Challenge Scholar's Website

The CMC IT Team is happy to announce the launch of Grand Rapids Community Foundation's Challenge Scholars website.

The Grand Rapids Community Foundation is partnering with Grand Rapids Public Schools to enable students with support, beginning in 6th grade, by promising a free college or trade school education upon graduation for students of the community West Side.

Some of the highlighted features that went into creating the website are:

  •     Responsive design for mobile devices.
  •     Pages incorporating different...
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UPDATE: Microsoft has released a patch for this vulnerability and it is available now.  This update has been made available for Windows XP as well, even tho that operating system reached end of life in April 2014.  Find more information regarding the patch by clicking here

A vulnerability was recently discovered in all version of Internet Explorer that allows malicious code to run on your computer and could lead to the "complete compromise of an affected system" according to the Department of Homeland Security. Until a fix has been...

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Healthy Homes Coalition and Get the Lead Out! Grand Rapids

The CMC IT Team is happy to announce the launch of Healthy Homes Coalition and it's partner Get The Lead Out! Grand Rapids websites.

Healthy Homes Coalition's vision is that all children will grow up in healthy homes free of environmental hazards, accomplished through policy impact, advocacy, outreach, direct services, and continuous collaboration.
The website has a wealth of information and resources for both families and landlords about common issues that make a home unsafe for children.

Get the Lead Out! Grand Rapids is a...

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Low Cost Mobile Website Framework

The CMC IT Team has developed a low cost mobile website framework for your website.
The Mobile website offers:

  •     Mobile donations through your PayPal Business account
  •     Automatically redirect visitors on mobile devices
  •     Multiple color schemes to choose from
  •     Easily create and edit content pages

All for the onetime low cost of $475 for the setup and creation of up to 6 pages of content.
Call us today at (616) 459-4788 or email <a...

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Furniture City History Website

Posted: 10/09/2013

Furniture City History Website

The CMC IT Team is proud to announce the launch of the new website for Grand Rapids Historical Commission - Furniture City History. The popular History of Grand Rapids website ( found that the amount of historical material specifically for furniture warranted a creation of a sister site -  the Furniture City History website.

The design was created for similar functionality yet having a subtle distinctive look from the sister site. An integration between the two sites was implemented enhancing your...

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