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Catalyst Radio News Analysis

News Analysis for April 8th, 2011


The annual Art.Downtown event is coming up and has a larger footprint than ever before. This year, Kendall College of Art and Design is opening up their graduate studios just over the highway while Site:Lab hosts their first major event of the year across from the new UICA building downtown. Meanwhile, many pop-up shops and gallery collaborations are opening their doors along Division, Fulton and more with trolleys to shuttle viewers to and fro. Organizer Jenn Schaub and ArtPeers' Erin Wilson give us all the deets.

The song for this week is "Shelter" by Sara McLauchlin off the Shelter compilation by various artists.



Demand for university employee's email replicated at other public institutions
A recent FOIA request was filed for a Wisconsin academic's emails using any keywords to do with labor strikes in the state. Since then, a Michigan think tank has also filed FOIA requests for emails from University of Michigan, Wayne State and Michigan State University.
[More: The Guardian, Talking Points Memo, On The Media]

Wikileaks nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Although traditionally, nominees are not revealed for 50 years in the Nobel Prize process, those with the privilege to nominate can reveal who they've elected. A Norwegian legislator has recently nominated Wikileaks, which is known in the U.S. for publishing thousands of documents relating to American diplomats and foreign affairs. Wikileaks has also brought corruption to light in other countries, and the legislator explained that it's important for the press to keep government in check.
[More: Huffington Post]

AOL adds another information network to its collection
In March, AOL bought Outside.In for less than $10 million. Outside.In is a company that focuses in aggregating local blog content around whatever zip code a user enters. This is in addition to its 2009 purchase of and more recent purchase of TechCrunch.
[More: Business Insider]

Professor develops ways to determine whether photos have been drastically altered
A mathematician and computer science professor at Dartmouth has been developing software to detect alterations in photos. Although touchups and color correction are common, there are more drastic changes to photos that are not obvious to the naked eye.
[More: Columbia Journalism Review]


CALENDAR (26:40)

Three day symposium on shelter and sustainability
April 7-9 at Fountain Street Church (24 Fountain NE)
A symposium on shelter and sustainability will kick off on Thursday starting with a discussion led architect and bestselling author then followed up by other architects and urban planners throughout the week.

Alternative body image photo shoot
2-5 p.m. on April 10 at 138 Union SE
The "Emancipating Empathy" community art project is conducting a photo-shoot to capture images of diverse bodies within the community. The pictures will be printed in a local zine and in mock advertisements. Anyone who has experienced marginalization due to race, ethnicity, age, size, gender, sex, sexuality, class, ability, &c. is invited to be part of the photo shoot. Photographers are also invited.

Friends of GR Parks celebrates its second birthday
5 p.m. on April 13 at ICCF (920 Cherry SE)
Friends of Grand Rapids Parks is celebrating its work with the community to protect, enhance and expand parks in Grand Rapids. The keynote for this free event will explore what the best parks system look like and how community partnerships can help them become a major economic tool for a city.

Site:Lab's first event of the year
5-11 p.m. on April 15 at 2 E. Fulton
The old JA building downtown is being transformed into a weekend art gallery. SiTE:LAB is a project that congregates temporary, site-specific art projects to encourage collaborations between the art, education, business and cultural communities of Grand Rapids.

Rapid Revolution
2 p.m. on April 16 at Rosa Parks Circle (155 Monroe NW)
The Rapid Revolution is a free concert to encourage participation in the May 3rd millage.

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