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Jerry Get Kind

Can I get away with playing both Allan Sherman and Laurie Anderson in the same show, every show? We'll find out.

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The Morning
Fox - EP 2014 via Independent
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Natacha Atlas

Haram Aleyk
Mish Maoul 2006 via Beggars UK - Ada
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Various/Unknown Artist

Constipation Blues
Planet Blues 1993 via Wea International
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Bob Dylan

Thunder On The Mountain
Modern Times 2006 via Sony
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12:20 am
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Manhattan Transfer

Vibrate 2004 via TELARC
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John Butler Trio

Devil Woman
Flesh & Blood 2014 via Vanguard
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The 9 Heavens
Ondar 2014 via Six Degrees
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12:00 am
GRAM on the Green 2014 - Grupo Aye