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Music to elicit an emotion! It is a beautiful thing when a song speaks to you. I truly believe most great bands do not get the airplay. My goal is to introduce you to your new favorite artist.

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James Moody

But Not For Me
4B 2010 via IPO Recordings
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Heaven's Pearls
Riverside Battle Songs 2006 via Verve Forecast
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Thievery Corporation

Nos Dois (Featuring Karina Zevian
Saudade 2014 via ESL
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Diane Birch

Bible Belt 2009 via S-Curve Records
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1:20 am
Children's Assessment Center [GENERIC]

Henry Butler

Relaxing Blues
Blues After Sunset 1998 via Black Top Records
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The Better Story
Krom 2014 via Independent
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Joan Armatrading

Can't Let Go
Hearts And Flowers 1990 via A&M Records
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Barenaked Ladies

What a Good Boy
Rock Spectacle 1996 via Reprise
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1:00 am
WYCE Sustaining Circle

John McVey

Meet Me in Houston 2014 via Artists International
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Steve Hancoff

Pelican Drag
The Single Petal of a Rose 2004 via Out Of Time...Music Co.
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Susheela Raman

Sakhi Maro [Meera Bai]
Love Trap 2003 via Narada
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Far Away
We Are Alive 2014 via Six Degrees
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12:40 am
Grand Rapids Community Foundation


When You Wake Up Feeling Old
Summerteeth 1999 via Reprise
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Corey Harris

Greens From The Garden 1999 via Alligator Records
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Monty Alexander

What's Going On (Wa'a Gwan)
Harlem-Kingston Express, Vol. 2 - The Ri 2014 via Motema
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Chop 'em Down
No Place to Be 2006 via Epic
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12:20 am
Catalyst Radio

Golden Smog

Listen Joe
Another Fine Day 2006 via Lost Highway
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Kaiser Chiefs

Education, Education, Education & War 2014 via ATO
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Popa Chubby

The Good, The Bad and the Chubby 2002 via Blind Pig
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It's Raining Clouds
The Music Scene 2009 via Ninja Tune
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12:00 am
In the Spirit!