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A rockin', stompin' tour through the blues, rock and edgy folk with world beat and jazz accents. No room for the esoteric here.

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The Young Presidents

War (Featuring Blondie Chaplin, C
Coalition 2014 via MKM Productions
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Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas

Sorry I Stole Your Man
Secret Evil 2014 via Instant Records
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Benjamin Booker

Always Waiting
Benjamin Booker 2014 via ATO
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7:30 am
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Nobody's Darlin'

I Wish You Knew
Satan's Purse 2014 via Independent
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Trigger Hippy

Nothing New
Trigger Hippy 2014 via Rounder
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7:20 am
Joan Osborne - Live at Wealthy Theatre

The Elders

Hard Line
American Wake 2003 via Pubtone Records
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Sleepy John Estes

Divin' Duck Blues
Live in Japan with Hammie Nixon 2014 via Delmark
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Junior Valentine and Jason Wheeler

When the Levee Breaks
Island Head 2014 via Cassandra Records
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Robbie Robertson

Straight Down the Line
How to Become Clairvoyant 2011 via 429 Records
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7:00 am
Feeding America West Michigan


Music to elicit an emotion! It is a beautiful thing when a song speaks to you. I truly believe most great bands do not get the airplay. My goal is to introduce you to your new favorite artist.

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