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Music to elicit an emotion! It is a beautiful thing when a song speaks to you. I truly believe most great bands do not get the airplay. My goal is to introduce you to your new favorite artist.

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Animal Kingdom

Strange Attractor
The Looking Away 2012 via Mom + Pop
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Tommy Malone

Talk To Me
Poor Boy 2014 via M.C. Records
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Dr. Didg

Harry's Multimix
Dust Devils 2002 via Narada
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Jason Spooner

All That We Know
The Flame You Follow 2007 via Independent
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2:00 am
Carol's Ferals


Tea Kettle
Visit 2014 via Independent
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The Microscopic Septet

Life's Other Mystery - Microscopic Septet, Johnston, Phillip
Lobster Leaps In 2008 via Cuneiform
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Champion Jack Dupree

Somebody Changed the Lock
One Last Time 1993 via Bullseye Blues
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Bio Ritmo

Se Les Olvido
Puerta Del Sur 2014 via Independent
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1:40 am
Moms Bloom

Beth Orton

Sugaring Season 2012 via ANTI Records
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Over the Rhine

Cruel and Pretty
Ohio 2003 via Narada
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Danny's Tune
'Fonolgy 2014 via Independent
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John McVey

Through the Tears
Meet Me in Houston 2014 via Artists International
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Ottmar Liebert

Bed of Nails [Wide-Eyed Trance]
Opium 1996
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1:20 am
Gerontology Network


Across The Way
Dust Out Of Sand 2013 via Independent
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Soldier of Love
Soldier of Love 2010 via Sony
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Nicholas Payton

The Charleston Hop (The Blue Steps)
Into the Blue 2008 via Nonesuch
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1:00 am
Catalyst Radio

Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers

Emergency Situation 2014 via Blind Pig
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Surfer Blood

Astro Coast 2010 via Kanine Records
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M. Ward

I'll Be Yr Bird
Transistor Radio 2005 via Merge Records
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Rodrigo Y Gabriela

The Russian Messenger
9 Dead Alive 2014 via ATO
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12:40 am
The Rapidian!

Brian Blade

Brian Blade Fellowship 1998 via Blue Note Records
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Byther Smith

Give Up My Life for You
Blues on the Moon 2008 via Delmark
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Umphrey's McGee

Loose Ends
Similar Skin 2014 via Hanging Brains
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12:20 am
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Horace X

Puppet Show
Strategy 2005 via Omnium Recordings
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Jackson Browne

Giving That Heaven Away
Time the Conqueror 2008 via Inside Recordings
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Mingo Fishtrap

On Time 2014 via Blue Corn
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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

It's Lonely at the Top
Rattle Them Bones 2012 via Savoy Jazz
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Blind Pilot

Go On, Say It
3 Rounds and a Sound 2008 via Expunged Records
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12:00 am
Promo - British Infusion