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I start my show with a trip through the electronic and hip-hop side of the WYCE library. Midway, we'll hear a mix of new music, indie rock, upbeat tracks from the folk library, and other esoteric selections. I like to end my show with a selection of singer/songwriter folk, low-key rock, bluegrass, and a sprinkling of blues. You won't find much (if any) jazz here. Hope you enjoy!

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Dust Galaxy

Sun in Your Head
Dust Galaxy 2007 via ESL Music
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Tomas Barfod

Sell You
Love Me 2014 via Secretly Canadian
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Jamaican Queens

Asleep at the Wheel
Wormfood 2013 via Notown
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Clothesline Revival

The One I Love Is Gone
Of My Native Land 2002 via Paleo Music
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Chet Faker

Built on Glass 2014 via Downtown
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1:20 am
Jammies XVI

John Grant

Sensitive New Age Guy
Pale Green Ghosts 2013 via Partisan
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Pearl's Girl [Edit]
Pearl's Girl 1997 via Tvt
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DJ Shadow

Warning Call
The Less You Know, the Better 2011 via Roc-A-Fella
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Broken Circuit
Broken Circuit 2014 via Brownswood
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1:00 am
El Mundo Weekends

A Tribe Called Red

NDN stakes
Nation II Nation 2013 via PB Records
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Kid Koala

2 Bit Blues
12 Bit Blues 2012 via Ninja Tune
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Sufjan Stevens

Too Much
The Age Of Adz 2010 via Asthmatic Kitty
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Broken Car
Akeda 2014 via Akeda Records
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12:40 am
Children's Assessment Center [GENERIC]

Little Axe

Say My Name
Champagne & Grits 2004 via Real World
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Mark Eitzel

Make Sure They Hear
Candy Ass 2005 via Cooking Vinyl
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Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso 2014 via Partisan
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You're My Flame
The Garden 2006 via Atlantic / Wea
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!!! (chk Chk Chk)

Except Death
Thr!!!er 2013 via Terrorbird
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12:20 am


Southsiders 2014 via Rhymesayers
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We Vanish
Zenith 2013 via Fake Four
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Exotic on the Speaker 2009 via JDUB RECORDS
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Them Waters
Some Say I So I Say Light 2013 via Play It Again Sam
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Freddie Cruger

New World New Time
Soul Search 2006 via Ubiquity
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12:00 am
Songs from the Second Floor