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A rockin', stompin' tour through the blues, rock and edgy folk with world beat and jazz accents. No room for the esoteric here.

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The Subdudes

Need Somebody
The Subdudes 1989 via Highstreet
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7:00 am
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services [GENERIC]


Music to elicit an emotion! It is a beautiful thing when a song speaks to you. I truly believe most great bands do not get the airplay. My goal is to introduce you to your new favorite artist.

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Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish

Beer City USA
Gravedigger 2014 via Independent
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Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain 2006 via Astralwerks / Emd
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Jose James

While You Were Sleeping 2014 via Blue Note
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T-Bone Burnett

I'm Going on a Long Journey Never to Return
The True False Identity 2006 via Sony
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2:40 am
Disability Advocates

Martyn Bennett

Ud The Doudouk
Bothy Culture 1998 via Rykodisc
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Ruthie Foster

Promise of a Brand New Day 2014 via Blue Corn Music
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Tom Odell

Long Way Down 2013 via RCA
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David Wilcox

Little White Lie
Airstream 2008 via What Are Records
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Descarga Cúantica
Magnetica 2014 via Tru Thoughts
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2:20 am
Local First - 10x10 Pledge

Kurt Elling

Nightmoves 2007 via Concord Records
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The Thorns

I Can't Remember
The Thorns 2003 via Sony
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Six Days A Week
Nothin Is Easy 2014 via Jalapeno Records
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The Sweetback Sisters

Too Many Experts
Looking For A Fight 2011 via Signature Records
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2:00 am
West Michigan Bluegrass Music Association [GENERIC]

Various/Unknown Artist

Yor Uzga
Gypsy Groove 2007 via Putumayo World Music
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The Rosebuds

Give Me A Reason
Sand + Silence 2014 via Western Vinyl
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Houston Person

Gentle Rain
The Art and Soul Of Houston Person 2008 via Highnote
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Tracy Nelson

Drowning in Memories
Move On 1996
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Otis Gibbs

Back in My Day Blues
Souvenirs of a Misspent Youth 2014 via Wanamaker
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1:40 am
Center for Inquiry - Michigan [GENERIC]

Joe Jackson

Pretty Girls
Look Sharp! 1979 via A&M Records
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Corey Harris

Zion Crossroads 2007 via Telarc
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The Nighthawks

You're Gone
444 2014 via EllerSoul
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Detroit Pleasure Society

Weary Blues
Detroit Pleasure Society 2013 via Independent
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The Belleville Outfit

Will This End in Tears
Time to Stand 2009 via Thirty Tigers
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1:20 am
Live at Wealthy Theatre - Season Pass


Castle Walls
Beat Stampede 2014 via Damaged Goods
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Alex Cuba

Como Amigos
Alex Cuba 2009 via Caracol Records
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Roy Buchanan

These Arms Of Mine
Deluxe Edition 2001 via Alligator Records
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The 442s

The Road
The 442s 2014 via Independent
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Peter Himmelman

Discipline of Rain
Mission of My Soul- The Best of Peter Himmelman 2005 via Shout Factory
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1:00 am
Promo - Glance at the Past


Dollars & Cents
Amnesiac 2001 via Capitol
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When Did You Ever
Fatter Than Ever 2014 via Electro-Fi
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Gaelic Storm

The Schooner Lake Set
Special Reserve 2003 via Higher Octave
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Regina Carter

When I Hear Your Name
Regina Carter 1995 via Atlantic / Wea
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12:40 am
Fair Housing Center of West Michigan [Generic]

Christopher Denny

Ride On
If The Roses Don't Kill Us 2014 via Partisan
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John Cougar Mellencamp

Jackie Brown
Big Daddy 1989 via Polygram Records
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Danny Caron

The Promise
Good Hands 2003 via Danny Caron Music
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Last Song
The Lagos Music Salon 2014 via Okeh
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12:20 am
Catalyst Radio

Arlo Guthrie

Wake Up Dead
Mystic Journey 1996 via Rising Son
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The Uptown Horns Revue

You Don't Realize
The Uptown Horns 1994
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The Young Presidents

Universal Pain (Featuring Corey G
Coalition 2014 via MKM Productions
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Boz Scaggs

Sick & Tired
Come On Home 1997 via Virgin Records
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Arcade Fire

Empty Room
The Suburbs 2010 via Merge Records
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12:00 am
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