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Micah aka Mic Fillups

listen to my brain

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Cannonball Adderly, Rick Holmes & The Nat Adderly Sextet

Soul Zodiac 1972 via Capitol
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5:20 am
Promo - British Infusion

L Chivo

Mtn. Don't
I Deed It 2014
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Olivia Mainville

Full Steam Ahead
Full Steam Ahead 2014 via Independent
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Quelle Chris

Euclidian Geometry
Mandala Vol. 1, Polysonic Flows 2014 via Mello Music Group
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Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs

King Lee
All Her Fault 2014 via Transdreamer
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Booker T

That's The Way It Should Be
That's The Way It Should Be 1994 via Sony
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Life Is A Movie
Pro Tools 2008 via Babygrande
a note about this track

featuring RZA & Irfane Khan-Acito of Outlines produced by RZA

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Forro in the Dark

Paraiba [w/Miho Hatori]
Bonfires Of Sao Joao 2006 via Nublu Records
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5:00 am
Wealthy Theatre

Surfer Blood

Neighbour Riffs
Astro Coast 2010 via Kanine Records
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La Crema De New York

The Cisco Kid
Yo! Hot Latin Funk From El Barrio 2002 via Harmless
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In Space
Melody A.M. 2001 via Astralwerks
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The Red Elvises

Hawaian Dancing Song
I Wanna See You Bellydance 1998 via Shoobah-Doobah
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Tom Waits

Beautiful Maladies - the Island Years 1998 via Island
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Hawk House

Laid Back
A Little More Elbow Room 2013
a note about this track

produced by Knxwledge

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4:40 am
Camp Blodgett [audio PSA]

House Shoes

7" single 2012 via Tres Records
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Jenny Lewis

You Can't Outrun 'Em
The Voyager 2014 via Warner
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Cheri Coke

Lite Years (AbJo Remix)
X/Coke Remix EP 2013
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Making Movies

Te Estaba Buscando
A La Deriva 2014 via United Interests
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Aphex Twin

PAPAT4 [155] [pineal mix]
SYRO 2014 via Warp
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4:20 am
Acoustic Cafe


Kitchen Hype (Beat Sketch)
single 2014
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Pacienca De Jo (Tall Black Guy Remix)
12" single 2014 via Ubiquity
a note about this track

featuring Tita Lima

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Get Down (Come Up)
Idle Beauty EP 2014 via eone
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Captain Planet

Esperanto Slang 2014 via Bastard Jazz Recordings
a note about this track

featuring Alsarah

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Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson

Dice Game 2012 via Mello Music Group
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4:00 am

Lindsay Olsen

Should Know
Vol. II: On A Trip For Biscuits 2013 via Hot Record Société
a note about this track

produced by TRiTON BLOOM

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Days In Other Days 2013 via Independent
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Blue Move
Junk Drawer Vol. 1 2013 via Piecelock 70
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She & Him

Something's Haunting You
Volume 3 2013 via Merge Records
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Dub is a Weapon

Curva Peligrosa
Vaporized 2011 via Harmonized
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3:40 am
HIS - Health Intervention Services

Daisy May

Things Change
Sleepless 2003 via Daisy May
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Damu The Fudgemunk

Pulsating (Pulse Remix 2012 Update)
Spare Overtime Re​-​Inspired 2013 via Redefinition Records
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China Plate
615 To Fame 2014 via Single Lock
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Eliana Cuevas

Espejo 2014 via ALMA
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Can't Leave The Night
III 2014 via Innovative Leisure
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3:20 am
GR Symphony

Jack Bruce

Ships In The Night
Somethin' Els 1993 via Creative Music Prod.
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Hugh Masekela

Time 2002 via Sony
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The Prettiest Sea Slug
The Music Scene 2009 via Ninja Tune
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Charlie Parker

Cheers (X-Ecutioners Style)
Bird Up - The Charlie Parker Remix Project Special Edition EP 2003 via Savoy Jazz
a note about this track

featuring The X-Ecutioners produced by Rob Swift

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3:00 am
Promo - Glance at the Past