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Mr. Tilapia

Mr. Tilapia frequently assaults WYCE listeners with soundtrack music, from "The Simpsons" to "Run, Lola, Run", and everything in between.

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The Spy from Cairo

Road To Ryhad
Arabadub 2014 via Wonderwheel Recordings
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Big Apple Blues

Happy Hour
Energy 2014 via Stone Tone
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7:40 am
Fair Housing Center of West Michigan [Generic]


Tomorrow Always Knows
Cheerleader 2014 via Bright Antenna
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E.G. Kight

Time To Move On
A New Day 2014 via Blue South
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Bibi Tanga

So High
Now 2014 via Jazz Village
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7:30 am
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Bela Fleck And Abigail Washburn

Bye Bye Baby Blues
Bela Fleck And Abigail Washburn 2014 via Rounder
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Every Other Freckle
This Is All Yours 2014 via Atlantic
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Wonder Why
Swingin' Life 2014 via Manchester Craftsmen's Guild
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7:20 am
Local First - 10x10 Pledge

Charlie Mars

The Money 2014 via Red
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Eliana Cuevas

Nueva Vida
Espejo 2014 via ALMA
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Little Mike & the Tornadoes

You Wonder Why
All the Right Moves 2014 via Elrob
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Frou Frou

Hear Me Out
Details 2002 via Mca
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Lionel Hampton

the jumpin' jive
Jumpin' Jive 1990 via Bluebird
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7:00 am
Coopersville Farm Museum - SawFest