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Anything funky, greazy, groovy, or stanky. Also anything that's sweet, smooth, soars, or soothes. And everything else that twangs, buzzes, swings or moves. Bring your buzz. Or not.

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Dust Out Of Sand
Dust Out Of Sand 2013 via Independent
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Delbert McClinton

Cease and Desist
Never Been Rocked Enough 1992 via Curb Records
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James Farm: Joshua Redman, Aaron Parks, Matt Penman, Eric Harland

James Farm 2011 via Warner Japan/Zoom
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Chris & Meredith Thompson

Clearwater 2002 via Alkali Records
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12:20 am
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Good Conquers Evil (Album Version
Love & Justice 2014 via Power Mix
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The Dead Kenny G.'s

Death Panel
Bewildered Herd 2010 via n/a
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Beau Jocque

Pick Up On This
Pick Up On This! 1994 via Rounder / Pgd
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North Mississippi Allstars

Snake Drive
Hill Country Revue- Live at Bonnaroo 2004 via Ato Records
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12:00 am
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