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Arthur West

The "Red-Eye Express" hauls Obscure Album Tracks; with an occasional Theme De-Railed. The Snap, Crackle, Pop is courtesy of the Boxcar's Victrola. All Aboard!!

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Machine Messiah
Drama 1980 via Atlantic
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Ogre Battle
II 1974 via Hollywood
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The Alan Parsons Project

Let's Talk About Me
Vulture Culture 1984 via Arista
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4:00 am
Goodwill Industries

David Bowie

Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (reprise)/Rebel Rebel
Diamond Dogs 1974 via Ryko
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Frank Zappa

Valley Girl
Kill Ugly Radio 1995 via Rykodisc
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3:40 am
Howard Christensen Nature Center

Bill Withers

Use Me
Live At Carnegie Hall 1973 via Columbia
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Diana Ross

T'ain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do
Lady Sings The Blues 1972 via Motown
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Queen 1973 via Hollywood
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3:20 am
Local First - 10x10 Pledge

The Association

Along Comes Mary
The Monterey International Pop Festival [va] 1992 via Rhino
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Daryl Hall / John Oates

Lady Rain
Abandoned Luncheonette 1973 via Atlantic
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Into The Lens
Drama 1980 via Atlantic
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Billy Joel

Big Shot
52nd Street 1978 via Sony
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Drama Queen

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3:00 am
Promo - Glance at the Past