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Jerry Get Kind

Surprise! Did a song I played make you say "What the heck was that?" or "I didn't expect that to pop up" or "I MUST find out more!"? Good! I'd like you to feel that way about once per hour.

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Fuego 2014 via Jemp
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2:20 am
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First Class

Beach Baby
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Seu Jorge

Em Nagoya Eu VI Eriko
Carolina 2002 via Independent
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Jesse Winchester

She Makes It Easy Now
A Reasonable Amount Of Trouble 2014 via Appleseed
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2:00 am
Well House

Blue Nebula

Gumbo Wings
Stay 2001
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Jimmy McIntosh

Ju Ju
Jimmy McIntosh And...- 2014 via Arizona Club Music
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Joan Osborne

Little Wild One 2008 via Time Life Entertainment
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1:40 am
Our Kitchen Table

Various/Unknown Artist

Inta Omri
Bellylicious 2003 via Virgin Records
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Elie Attieh

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Erin McKeown

Lafayette 2007 via Signature Sounds
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Blues For Hamp
Swingin' Life 2014 via Manchester Craftsmen's Guild
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Mud Morganfield & Kim Wilson

Nineteen Years Old
For Pops - A Tribute To Muddy Waters 2014 via Severn
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Bill Kirchen

The Finger
Hot Rod Lincoln Live! 1997 via Hightone Records
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1:20 am
CMC - ArtPrize Critical Discourse


The Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble 2001 via Comet
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Sons Of Bill

Brand New Paradigm
Love and Logic 2014 via Thirty Tigers
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The Budos Band

The Sticks
Burnt Offering 2014 via Daptone
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Brownie McGhee

Betty and Dupree
The Folkways Years (1945-1959) 1991 via Smithsonian Folkways
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1:00 am
Promo - The Local Feed

Khun Narin Electric Phin Band

Lai Sing
Khun Narin Electric Phin Band 2014 via Innovative Leisure
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King Crimson

Thrak 1995 via Virgin Records
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Happy Birthday to ...?

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Anais Mitchell

The Brightness 2007 via Righteous Babe
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Kathy Wagner

Taking A Chance On Love 1994
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with the River City Jazz Ensemble

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12:40 am
Recreational Debut

John McVey

Bayou Boogie!
Meet Me in Houston 2014 via Artists International
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The Orb

Orblivion 1997 via Island
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Toure-Raichel Collective

From End To End
The Paris Session 2014 via Cumbancha
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12:20 am

Channing & Quinn

Traits of Addiction
Underneath This Big Striped Tent 2012 via Independent
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Afro Bop Alliance

Nature Boy
Angel Eyes 2014 via Zoho
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Generation Blues Experience

Private Angel 2014 via R Music
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Jethro Tull

The Story of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles
A Passion Play
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12:00 am
Acoustic Cafe