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Music to elicit an emotion! It is a beautiful thing when a song speaks to you. I truly believe most great bands do not get the airplay. My goal is to introduce you to your new favorite artist.

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St. Germain

Soul Salsa Soul
Boulevard 2002 via Pias America
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Oh Land

Earth Sick 2014 via Nanna Bland Fabricus
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Dead Can Dance

Anastasis 2012 via Pias America
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12:20 am
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Knocking Around
Keep On Movin 2014 via Red Tug Records
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Luke Winslow-King

Traveling Myself
Everlasting Arms 2014 via Bloodshot
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Widespread Panic

Ball 2003 via Sanctuary Records
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The Bad Plus

Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
For All I Care 2009 via Heads Up
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12:00 am
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