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Thanks to you, we’re making progress!

The community of Grand Rapids has provided overwhelming support for the Wealthy Theatre Centennial Sustainability campaign, and the mending of Wealthy Theatre has begun in earnest.

In partnership with Rockford Construction and Paradigm Design, and thanks to the overwhelming support of the community, Wealthy Theatre is well on its way to completing the goal of the campaign: preserving our past by embracing our future. Plans call for construction to be completed in July, with nearly all improvements completed before Labor Day.

Several projects are underway and some have already been completed. The first major project was the replacement of the roof. By the end of June the façade will also be restored. Painting in first-floor interior spaces and beautification/greening of the back parking lot are moving ahead quickly.

Grand Rapids' Historic Preservation Commission recently approved two major components of the campaign: the addition of a structure around the loading dock to contain heat, and the installation of a solar panel array on the southwest rooftop.

The community of Grand Rapids has made this historic preservation project possible, and now the future looks brighter than ever. To learn more and view pictures of the renovation in progress, read the Rapidian article of June 14, 2013.

Your donations will continue to contribute to the ongoing health of this anchor of the neighborhood. For regular updates on our progress, check this space or sign up for our newsletter.

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