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GRTV provides a televised forum for legal, non-commercial speech; a place where you can express yourself creatively at little or no cost.

We offer training programs to certify members to use our tools—which range from cameras to editing suites to studio production facilities. And we transmit your programming across Grand Rapids on cable channel 25. Get started.

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Computer Based Playback at GRTV

Posted: 02/25/2009

Computer Based Playback at GRTV

GRTV may look a little different lately.  A new server based playback system was installed just before the new year.  All the shows you see on GRTV are playing back from a file on a computer now instead of a DVD or tape.  The Tightrope SX4 has 4 terabytes of memory and is much more reliable than the previous system.  Many of you remember the racks of tape decks that filled the master control room and staff cueing shows at all times of the day.   Now we upload programs to the server and can do it days or weeks in advance.  Another benefit the server brings to the channels is the interactivity between the graphics computers and the playback information.  Program schedules are accurate and up to date at all times.  In the future we'll be able to take shows right from your flash drive and save you the cost of a DVD or DV tape.


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