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GRTV provides a televised forum for legal, non-commercial speech; a place where you can express yourself creatively at little or no cost.

We offer training programs to certify members to use our tools—which range from cameras to editing suites to studio production facilities. And we transmit your programming across Grand Rapids on cable channel 25. Get started.

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Begun in February of 2002, NPO Showcase has featured 230 plus non-profits.  A highlight of the fifth year was the production of one show completely in Spanish featuring the Financial Education program of United Church Outreach Ministry and the Michigan Organizing Project and hosted by Daniel Castro.  Producer, Sister Barbara Hansen, OP is always on the lookout for organizations that have not yet been showcased and for new programs of long established non-profits that need more media exposure.  Barbara can be reached at 459-4788 ext. 117 if you have an organzation you want to have interviewed. 


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